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Structure: Liesje Ketchel Residence
Location: Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Architect: Liesje Ketchel
Date: 1970
Tidbit: In 1970, Dr. Melvin Ketchel (a biologist with a PhD from Harvard) was hired to head up the Oak Ridge Population Research Institute. His wife, Liesje Ketchel, had a BA in psychology and an MArch from Harvard. So, while Dr. Ketchel was off working, Liesje set about designing her family a house, one that blended her knowledge of how humans lived with her knowledge of design and construction.

Liesje hard at work designing her residence

One of her most interesting inclusions was an indoor pool placed right next to the master bedroom, a feature the Ketchels had experienced at their previous residence back east.

The house sold in 2017 and, thankfully, the listing agent had lots of beautiful photos taken of this unique house. Let’s have a look:

The house seems to have changed very little since it was built, which is marvelous to see.

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