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Tn Nashville Southern Living Article On Robert Anderson 1972 3

Structure: James Wert House
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Architect: Robert Anderson
Date: 1969
Story: James and Jane Wert had just moved from the forested lands of of Northern Wisconsin to Nashville, Tennessee. James, a metallurgist by trade, had just accepted a teaching job at Vanderbilt University.



The family longed for the feel of the forest, so they commissioned Nashville architect Robert Anderson to design them a house that was, according to Jane Wert, “lodge and woodsy.” The resulting house had a lodge-y feel to it, with an exterior made out of western cedar and a roof made of cedar shingles. The house is sited on a forested lot filled with maple, locust, and hackberry trees.



Anderson’s goal, he said in an interview, was to make the house “be humble to its surroundings.”


The original steps up to the house were concrete framed by redwood. Photos from 2017 show they’ve since been replaced.



PS: this blog owes its existence to the intrepid soul that found, scanned, and uploaded these vintage images… Collyn Wainright!

June 7, 2022 Update!

The Wert House is soon to be on the market again, and it’s stunning as ever! Plenty of original features plus some very cohesive modern updates. Our bet is this gorgeous home goes under contract quickly. Check out the new listing photos (via Redfin) below! A link to the actual listing is also directly below.

Home Listing – 2510 Ridgewood Dr, Nashville, TN 37215


Exterior and Garage:

Entryway, Kitchen, Dining & Seating Area:

Den Area:

Upstairs & Bedrooms:



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